Online payment
System id
System ID is generated by the system automatically.
Reference no.
Paper or abstract ID, or registration No, or other reference No.
Please note when using Unionpay to pay RMB, as the system only accept payment currency in HKD, hence you need to convert RMB amount to HKD equivalent using the pevailing exchange rate on the transaction day.
Enter the correct amount in selected currency.
$0.00 (8% bank charge included)
Payment category
Purpose of payment
Provide Full name/ Company/Country/Purpose. eg: Liang Si-Qi/XianPolyU/PRC/Registration fee.)
Important: Screen shot the last step where message "Transaction accepted" shown up and send it to TBIS secretariat via email
If you received a system pop message showing a declined or blank page after payment was made, please cross check your credit card whether the actual paid amount has been deducted from your account. or screen print this error message sent to TBIS secretary via email for help. Do not make duplicate payments. (TBIS secretariat email address: