Future Symposium
TBIS 2023 Institute of Natural Fibres & Medicinal Plants

The Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plants is an interdisciplinary research centre with international standing, involved in complex research on obtaining and processing of fibrous and herbal raw materials.

The Institute is involved in a number of national and international research projects; cooperates multi directionally with numerous research centres worldwide; works for agriculture, environment protection, construction, transport, food and pharmaceutical industries and medicine.

The Centres for Excellence CELLUBAST and Medicinal Plants in Nutrition and MedicineAccredited Flammability as well as Textile Laboratories (Polish Centre for Accreditation No. AB 225) operate at the INF&MP. These centres and laboratories use the state-of-the-art equipment allowing for conducting flammability tests of different materials, including textiles, specific for the area of application and physico-mechanical tests of these materials.

The main fields of INF&MP activities:

  • Biotechnology,
  • Breeding new cultivars of fibrous and medicinal plants, agronomy and preliminary processing,
  • Extraction and processing technologies of natural fibres and their modification for textile and non-textile applications,
  • Agro-fine chemicals obtained from plants, nutrients and dietetic products,
  • New applications for oil cultivars of fibrous plants (dietetic and medicinal products),
  • Bio-fuels obtained from fibrous plants,
  • Development of renewable, biodegradable raw materials for industry,
  • Technologies of fire- and bio-retardants production,
  • Environmental protection in natural fibres processing,
  • Recipes and technologies for Polish herbal medicinal products,
  • Complex research on biologically active substances i.e. quality evaluation, development of analytical methods and their validation as well as stability testing, 
  • Pharmacological and microbiological testing of herbal raw materials and products,
  • Expert’s reports on new food products in terms of human health or life hazard,
  • Expert’s reports and consultations for state and local government authorities and commercial companies,
  • Research on herbal plants, herbal products, plant medicines, dietetic and functional food.

The research conducted at the Institute covers also utilization of polluted land by cultivation of non-food crops, use of co-products from processing of textile raw materials and modern composite materials based on textile raw materials. We are also involved in production of textiles made of natural fibres and blends.

Nanotechnology (nano-fibres from natural resources and nano-modifiers for intumescent fire retardant systems) is also of interest for the Institute’s research staff. The outcomes of this work are patented fire retardants and fire retardant systems developed at the Institute – Fobos and intumescent varnish for wood Expander FR. Another fire retardant product developed at the Institute is fire barrier composite resistant to long time effect of temperatures reaching 1200oC used as a filling in steel fire door.

Another field of research conducted at the INF&MP is determining the physiological effect of fibres, fabrics and other textile products on human organism.