Fashion Big Data Technology Platform – New Business Model for Fashion and Textile Supply Chains

On behalf of TBIS2021 Conference chair, Prof. Xianyi Zeng, you are cordially invited to join in the workshop, “Fashion Big Data Technology Platform – New Digital Business Model for Fashion and Textile Supply Chains“, which is organized by the FBD_BMODEL project consortium. The FBD_BModel is funded by the European Commission (EC). The registration information is listed below.


The FBD_BModel workshop will explore a novel B2B2C business model to demonstrate how an interconnected, big data driven platform can connect consumer’s needs and market demands with key strategic decision making in the fashion and textile industry, the R&D (Research and Development) of innovative products, and the coordination of manufacturing and supply management processes.


Join the workshop to discover how the current fashion and textile industry can be transformed with big data, AI and big data services on issues such as:


The details of the workshop are as follows:

Venue: online, GoToWebinar

Date: Feb 19th, 2021
Time: 10:00 – 12:00 am (CET time zone)


Click the below link for further information and registration details: