Academic Leaders
Prof. Yi Li



Dr. Yi Li is a full professor and chair in Textile Science and Engineering in the School of Materials, the University of Manchester. He is a Life Fellow of Royal Society of Art, Commerce and Manufacturing and International Biographical Association and Fellow of the Textile Institute, and adjunct professors of a number of universities in China and a member of several professional bodies. He is Chairman of Textile Bioengineering and Informatics Society and Editor-in-Chief of “Journal of Fiber Bioengineering and Informatics”. By securing substantial research funding and obtaining support from government funding bodies and industry, he established the Textile Bioengineering Framework. He has supervised over 50 PhD students and more than 130 research personnel. He has over 500 scientific publications, including 426 SCI/CPCI papers and peer reviewed conference papers with 10996 citations and h-index of 56 and i10-index 212 as being recognized as an international leading expert in smart functional textiles. He is selected on the list of “Highly Cited Researcher” in 2013 by THOMSON REUTERS. With over 120 invited keynote/plenary lectures in conferences, he has more than 54 awards on outstanding research papers, patent inventions and technology transfer. He owns more than 80 patents, including 46 patents granted in USA, China and Australia and 27 IP properties transferred to industry. The inventions from his team have been successfully commercialized, including “Moisture Management Tester” (sold to more than 30 countries and developed as the national testing standards in USA and China), “Fabric Touch Tester”, High performance sportswear. Nano-facemasks, Anti-Heat Stress Clothing for Construction Workers, which won many international and regional invention/innovation awards such as grand prize and gold medal (2016, Geneva), Hong Kong Contraction Industry Council Grand prize (2015), Charted Institute of Building (CIOB) International Innovation & Research Awards (UK, 2015), and has been transferred to Hong Kong Construction Industry.