Workshop - Intelligent Materials and Digital Health (IMDH)




September 8, 2022


12:30-15:20 (UK, GMT+1)

19:30-22:20 (BEIJING TIME)




IDHIMIA (International Digital Health and Intelligent Materials Innovation Alliance) and TBIS are jointly organising a focused workshop on “Intelligent Materials and Digital Health (IMDH)” for the purpose of promoting international research collaborations in this field. Since 2021, EU commission has formally published its research programmes for 2021-2022 and further for 2023-2024, as well as international collaboration policies and a list of countries that are eligible to participate in the project consortium, including USA, Australia, UK, Japan, S. Korea, Israel, low income developing countries and recently specific areas in China.  We have identified several grant calls that are related to smart sensors, wearables, and digital health, which can be applied in 2023 and 2024.  Therefore, you are cordially invited to participate in the workshop, present your research achievement and expertise and explore potential collaborations in forming project consortium to prepare the grant application together.


 September 8, 2022  (Thursday)

Breakout Room B: Workshop - Intelligent Materials and Digital Health (IMDH)

Session Chairs

Prof. Henry Yi Li

Prof. Huiru Zheng 

Time Slot

Author Name

Paper Tittle

12:30-12:40 (UK, GMT+1)
19:30-19:40 (BEIJING TIME)

Prof. Henry Yi Li

Inroduction to Intelligent Materials and Digital Health (IMDH)

12:40-12:50 (UK, GMT+1)
19:40-19:50 (BEIJING TIME)

Prof. Honghai Liu

Multi-modal Sensing and Understanding for Human Machine Systems

12:50-13:00 (UK, GMT+1)
19:50-20:00 (BEIJING TIME)

Prof. Perry Xiao

Skin Bioengineering Measurement Technologies

13:00-13:10 (UK, GMT+1)
20:00-20:10 (BEIJING TIME)

Prof.Yongqing Fu

Flexible and Wearable Acoustofluidic Biosensing Platform Based on Thin Film Piezoelectrics with Human-Machine Inter-actions

13:10-13:20 (UK, GMT+1)
20:10-20:20 (BEIJING TIME)

Dr. Maggie Zeng

Reimagining the future of digital healthcare: looking byond a single technology to make a bigger impact

13:20-13:30 (UK, GMT+1)
20:20-20:30 (BEIJING TIME)

Dr. Po Yang

Advance Wearable Intelligence for Self-assessment of Parkinson's Disease in Free-living

13:30-13:40 (UK, GMT+1)
20:30-20:40 (BEIJING TIME)

Dr. Jichun Li

A Fully Automated Robot for the Preparation of Fungal Samples for FTIR Spectroscopy Using Deep Learning

13:40-13:50 (UK, GMT+1)
20:40-20:50 (BEIJING TIME)

Dr. Huang Hui

Flexible Electrodes and Printed Electronics for Wearable Sensors and Smart E-textiles

13:50-14:00 (UK, GMT+1)
20:50-21:00 (BEIJING TIME)

Dr. Hua Zhong

Personal comfort system review in built environment

14:00-14:10 (UK, GMT+1)
21:00-21:10 (BEIJING TIME)

Dr. Zekun Liu

Functionalized Fiber Sensors with High Sensing Reliability Towards Body Area Digital Sensing Networks

14:10-14:20 (UK, GMT+1)
21:10-21:20 (BEIJING TIME)

Dr. Lulu Xu

Electronic Textile-based Wireless Communication and Sensing Devices

Discussion (30 Mins)