Workshop - Textile Circularity and Sustainability (TCS)




September 7, 2022


12:30-14:20 (UK, GMT+1)

19:30-21:20 (BEIJING TIME)




The FBD Foundation (EU Fashion Big Data Foundation) and TBIS are jointly organising a focused workshop on “Textile Circularity and Sustainability (TCS)” for the purpose of promoting international research collaborations in this field. Since 2021, the EU commission has formally published its research programmes for 2021-2022 and further for 2023-2024, as well as international collaboration policies and a list of countries that are eligible to participate in the project consortium, including USA, Australia, UK, Japan, S. Korea, Israel, low income developing countries and recently specific areas in China.  We have identified several grant calls that are related to textile circularity, carbon emission reduction and neutralization, which can be applied in 2023 and 2024.  Therefore, you are cordially invited to participate in the workshop, present your research achievement and expertise and explore potential collaborations in forming a project consortium to prepare the grant application together.


 September 7, 2022  (Wednesday)

Breakout Room C: Workshop - Textile Circularity and Sustainability (TCS)

Session Chair

Prof. Xianyi Zeng (France)

Time Slot

Author Name

Paper Title

12:30-12:40 (UK, GMT+1)
19:30-19:40 (BEIJING TIME)

Prof. Xianyi Zeng

Workshop Introduction

12:40-12:50 (UK, GMT+1)
19:40-19:50 (BEIJING TIME)

Academician Prof. Yaochu Jin

Data-Driven Evolutionary Optimization for Sustainability

12:50-13:00 (UK, GMT+1)
19:50-20:00 (BEIJING TIME)

Prof. Henry Yi Li

Horizon2023-2024 Grant Call on Sustainability & Circularity

13:00-13:10 (UK, GMT+1)
20:00-20:10 (BEIJING TIME)

Dr. Yang Lu

Designing An Intuitive Sustainability Platform for Industry: Challenges and Opportunities

13:10-13:20 (UK, GMT+1)
20:10-20:20 (BEIJING TIME)

Haian Ma/CEO/Cocoa Cashmere London

Sustainability and circulairty practices and development trends in Cashere Industry

13:20-13:30 (UK, GMT+1)
20:20-20:30 (BEIJING TIME)

Zhangchi Liu

FBD Platform for Digital Fashion Business Models

13:30-13:40 (UK, GMT+1)
20:30-20:40 (BEIJING TIME)

Kuo Cao

Developing Digital Fashion Business Model Through FBD ICT Technology Platform

13:40-13:50 (UK, GMT+1)
20:40-20:50 (BEIJING TIME)

Tim Jun Li

Linking consumer’s needs with product performance on e-shopping platforms with Fashion Big Data (FBD) API plugins

Discussion (30 Mins)