Workshop - Hybrid Materials for Hierarchal Structures




September 7, 2022


12:30-13:45 (UK, GMT+1)

19:30-20:45 (BEIJING TIME)



The aim of the workshop is to inform scientific community about the key results achieved in these areas and to facilitate professional cooperation with key partners solving similar types of tasks.


Hierarchical hybrid systems containing mainly fibrous structures are developed especially for textile applications, because they suitably combine mechanical resistance with formability, all components of comfort during use and easy maintenance. They are also used in the field of composites, medicine, electronics and a number of other technical disciplines, where they replace compact metallic and non-metallic materials.


The comprehensive five-year HYHI project (2018-2022) co-financed by the European Union - European structural and investment funds in the frames of operational program research, development and education - is focused on research in the field of hybrid hierarchical systems in sub-areas including: 1. Flexible hierarchical structures (focusing on the functionalization of surfaces and structures) 2. Composite polymer and metal materials (focusing on composite systems) 3. Nanoparticle materials (focusing on nanomaterials for technical applications) .



September 7, 2022 (Wednesday)

Breakout Room B-Workshop - Hybrid Materials for Hierarchal Structures (HYHI)

Session Chairs

Prof. Jiri Militky (Czech Republic)

Time Slot

Author Name

Paper Tittle

12:30-12:55 (UK, GMT+1)19:30-19:55 (BEIJING TIME)

Prof. Jiri Militky

HYHI project part I Flexible hierarchical structures

12:55-13:20 (UK, GMT+1)19:55-20:20 (BEIJING TIME)

Prof. Karel Frana

HYHI project part II Composite materials and structures

13:20-13:45 (UK, GMT+1) 20:20-20:45 (BEIJING TIME)

Prof. Miroslav Cerník

HYHI project part III Functionalized nanomaterials