Academic Leaders
Prof. Weilin Xu



Prof. Xu is a professor of Textiles Science and Engineering at the Wuhan Textile University. His research interests include textile materials, textile processing technology, dyeing and finishing, biomedical textiles and natural fiber materials. He has hosted more than 20 research projects including but not limited to: Major State Basic Research Development Program, the National Natural Science Fund of China, and the Supporting Projects of China et al. The main achievements include 2 edited books, 104 SCI journal papers in ACS Nano, ACS Applied Materials Interface, Polymers et al., and 55 approved patents. Prof. Xu has won more than 20 research awards and honors, including the 1st Class National Award for Progress in Science & Technology, the 2nd National Award for Technological Invention, Distinguished Achievement Award in Fiber Science, Most Outstanding Contribution Award of Hubei Province, Prize for Scientific and Technological Innovation of HO LEUNG HO LEE FOUNDATION, and the 2011 China Textile Academy Award etc.