Future Symposium
TBIS-ISC 2019 Soochow University

Textile Bioengineering and Informatics Symposium (TBIS) conference is a brand in the field of textile bioscience that is attracting increasing attention from the international bio-scientific research community. International Silk Conference (ISC) has been recognized internationally as a brand of high quality conference with vision, creativity, excitement and global network. To further enhance global communication and cooperation of the sericulture, silk and textile industry, inheritance and development of the silk civilization, exploitation and innovation of new textiles and silk technologies, we will co-organize TBIS-ISC 2019 at Soochow University in China during September 8-10, 2019.

Soochow University is located in the ancient town of Suzhou, also called "Paradise on Earth". The university is part of the national "211 Project" and is a "2011 Plan" university. It is also one of the Jiangsu provincial key comprehensive universities. It has grown from the former Soochow University founded in 1900. College of Textile and Clothing Engineering (CTCE) of Soochow University is originated in “Private Women’s Sericulture School” which was established by the famous patriotic gentlemen Mr. Shi Liangcai in 1903, Shanghai of China. During the construction and development of over 100 years, it has formed the unique complete teaching and research system associated with textile and silk industry chain in China, including planting mulberry, sericulture, silk reeling, weaving, dying, garment designing and engineering, as well as fashion shows. The development level of disciplinary supporting platforms of CTCE is among the top ones in China. CTCE actively explores the new model of scientific talents with international visions. It develops the extensive academic exchange and cooperation with universities in United States, Britain, France and Japan, etc. CTCE has been closely cooperated with Shinshu University in Japan more than 30 years, co-organized the China ISC for nine times.

On behalf of the organizing committee for the International Silk Conference, we cordially welcome you to attend TBIS-ISC 2019!