Future Symposium
TBIS 2023 Sichuan University

Welcome to Chengdu, Sichuan, China


Textile Bioengineering and Informatics Symposium is a well-established international research forum to exchange scientific views and new technology developments as well as promote cross-disciplinary research from material sciences, nanotechnology, fiber sciences, textile engineering, eco technology, textile and clothing CAD, with more emphasis on interactions of human/material/environment.

Sichuan University is one of China’s top universities, a part of national Project 985 and Project 211, attached to the Ministry of Education. Sichuan University is located in Chengdu, a famous historical and cultural capital city of Sichuan Province, known as “the land of abundance”. Sichuan University has a comprehensive range of disciplines covering 12 categories. It consists of 34 colleges, including a postgraduate college and an overseas education college.

College of Light Industry, Textile and Food Engineering includes department of textile and clothing engineering, biomass and leather engineering, department of and food engineering and institute of textile research. Department of textile and clothing was originated from chemical fiber department founded in 1958. The discipline of chemical fiber was among the first group of colleges in Chinese universities which were authorized for awarding the bachelor, master and doctoral degrees. Department of textile and clothing was established by ministry of textile and Sichuan university in 1987. The department offers the bachelor, Master and PhD degrees in textile engineering, and clothing and apparel design. The discipline has established strong regional and global connections. The department has collaborated with many famous universities, research institutions and companies oversea. The university has established a joint training mechanism and research cooperation with many universities oversea in Australian, United States, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong, etc.


On behalf of the organizing committee, we cordially invite you to attend TBIS-2023 in SiChuan, China.